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192.168.l.l to, 192.168.l.l modem router admin passwords and login ip. If you enter 192.168.l.l to modem router administrator password & login IP addresses. IP addresses is the address of your ADSL modem administration panel. All the manufacturers of modems provides a latest software in their modems for its easy and  user friendly management. The software that is installed on the modem provides you various features including configuring the new settings, customizing other important options. Whenever any issue is rised with the connection, it can be easily resolved  through its management panel.Host addresses.

How is useful? When this IP address is entered, you  get a full access to all the features of modem. Once your authorization is successful, you are now permitted to make changes to the configuration settings of the modem. Also, you are now allowed to access Security Options, IP Qos, LAN, Proxy, Network Management, MAC, DSL various WLAN settings and many other options. Hence, this IP address helps you to use the internet connection in a perfect manner irrespective of the place(home, cafe,school, office etc) you are operating from.

How to get access to ?

You can login to the IP address in just 2 simple steps:

1) Click Here Login IP Address.
2) If you have already saved the URL( somewhere, you can directly copy from there and paste it to the address bar of the browser you are using. Alternatively, if you want, you can go the IP Address from the button available on our site very easily. Now comes the issues that user face while logging in to the interface of the IP Address. The issue that is mainly faced by the user is “Wrong Password”. It is very common that various users forgot their password. For getting the information about when you didn’t remember your username/ password, please check the information as under:
What can be done to restore the username/password?
When you  forgot your  username or password, the easiest way that you can go for is resetting the modem to default setting. Every modem has a built in hidden reset button with the help of which you can reset your modem very easily. For resetting the modem, find the hidden reset button and press it for approx 20 seconds with the help of needle/toothpick. This will restore the factory settings of the modem. While following this process, your internet connection has to be terminated and restarted again as the current internet connection settings will also have to be reconfigured. Note: If you have not enough information, it is obviously recommended that you should get help from a person who has that kind of knowledge.

Setting Up The Repeater

Connecting to a wlreless device without a wire
  • 1. Check your computer to see if the computer’s İP settings are in automatic mode. If not, change it to automatic.
  • 2. Use one of LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4 ports of the device and connect it to your computer by Ethernet cable.
  • 3. Type in the address bar and push enter. AP/Router/Repeater interface will be come up on the screen. (User Name: admin Password: admin)
  • 4. Choose "Advanced" optlon on the interface page.
  • 5. A page will come up on the screen for “advanced settings”
  • 6. On the left menu , flrst choose “network” option , then “ WAN” option.
  • 7. Choose ’wireless" option from WAN type part and click on “AP Scan“ option located in the "WISP Setting"
  • 8. A list that shows wireless Networks will come up on the screen. Choose a device that you want to connect and click on “ Connect”. (If there is not the modem which you want to connect in the list, put your device in a more open area)
  • 9. After that process, type the password of your modem in the “Password” box and click on "Save"
  • 10. You can check your connection status through ”Status" option on the left. If there is no connection click on “Connect” on the “Connection Status” part. (You might need a few minute to connect your device to the modem)
  • 11. After all these process, your device will be connected to the modem wirelessly, distribute wireless or wired internet connection.

Note: If setting process is not successful, try to return the device to the factory settings by pushing the "Reset” key which is located on the back side of the device for 10 seconds. If the device do not connect after you finish the setting process, tum the device off and then on.

You can use the ip address to enter your router. This ip address is the login address for many router brands. To change the router password, you need 192.168.l.l or ip addresses. 192.168.l.l is not an ip address. Line is 192.168.l.l is used to use search engines. for the router entry.

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